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Brokerage Business

• Products and Services

Hong Kong and global exchange products trading and services

We provide a variety of Hong Kong and global exchange products trading services, enabling clients to capture investment opportunities under different market trends. Our products cover securities, derivatives warrants, ETFs traded in Hong Kong Stock exchange, Shanghai/Shenzhen – Hong Kong stock connect, global securities and derivative products, stock borrowing & lending and short selling, IPO, Hong Kong and overseas futures and options, etc.

Securities Financing and IPO Subscription

We deliver flexible margin financing solutions, securities pledged financing solutions as well as IPO subscription with financing solutions with preferential interest rates, so as to ensure sufficient funding for investment and to optimize potential returns for our clients.

Over-the-Counter (“OTC”) Investment Services

We offer a wide range of OTC products investment services for our clients. These products include bonds, equity-linked notes, structured investment products, mutual funds, etc.

• Online and Mobile Trading Platforms

We offer stable, highly secured and efficient online and mobile trading platforms to assist clients in equities trading, regardless of time or location.

• Customer Service and 24-hour Trading Support

We are committed to providing good customer service and 24-hour trading support to ensure customers can make execution easily and effectively.

Customer Hotline:

Hong Kong Hotline: 3761-8888

Mainland China Toll-free Hotline: 400-120-9555


• Offer ESOP solutions to HK and US listed enterprises

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is an employee-owner program that provides a company's workforce with an ownership interest in the company , which aims to attract, motivate and retain valuable employees of the company.

The most commonly used ESOP types are Share Option, Restricted Stock and Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

• Inquiry

Email:esop@cmbi.com.hk / Customer service hotline: 400-120-9555 (Mainland China)/ 852-3761-8888 (HK)

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Corporations and Institutions

We are committed to provide institutional investors with comprehensive and integrated financial services. Our clients include renowned institutions and enterprises from greater China and overseas, ranging from sovereign funds, QDII funds, mutual funds and hedge funds, to insurance companies and corporates.

Institutional Equities

• Types of Service

We provide primary market investment opportunities and secondary market dealing and placing service for institutional investors, such as block trade, pre-matched trade, price stabilization, securities borrowing and lending, and high frequency hedging services; we also provide structured finance products, cross-traded products and foreign exchange swap investment services.

• Research

We provide Deal and Non-Deal Roadshow and a multitude of research opportunities for institutional investors, as well as research reports and timely updates on the market. We also assist in organizing corporate access activities, including non-deal roadshows, field trips, bespoke tours, company visits and various topics of seminars, forums and investor conferences for our valuable customers, etc.

• Technological Platform

We employ the world's leading Trading platform Fidessa to provide computerized, real-time trading service for both domestic and overseas institutional investors.

Fixed Income

• Types of Service

We provide guiding price and ample liquidity to the secondary market. We also provide Institutional Investors Financing service through Repurchasing Agreement with bond as collaterals. Based on Institutional Investors' appetite on investment and risk control, we also offer structure product, include but not limit to: New issue single bond leveraged note; Target Redemption linked to FX; Bespoke multi-asset linked note, etc.

• Research

We distribute credit desk commentaries on a regular basis, and also generates case-specific reports when sudden event happens. Moreover, we arrange investor meeting for a further discussion on the event which helps investors quickly understand and analyze the market color.

• Technological Platform

We employ the world's leading Trading platform Bloomberg as the trading and communication platform which provides computerized, real-time trading service for both domestic and overseas institutional investors.

Address: 45th & 46th Floor, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852)3900 0888 Fax:(852)3761 8788

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